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Moving your home or relocating your business isn’t easy. In fact, it can require a lot of hard work, organization, and time. Make the entire process easier by using the moving services that Maven Moving provides. We are the moving company in St. George, UT, that’s here to take the stress and hard work out of having to move. Our experienced team is here to do the work for you, so you can focus your energy on your new home or business. Contact our St. George moving company to make your residential or commercial move go off without a hitch!

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About Us – What is a Maven?

Maven – /ˈmāvən/

noun An Expert or Connoisseur.

With over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, we know exactly what is needed to make your move a seamless one. We understand just how much you have to organize when you are looking to move or relocate and how this can leave you feeling stressed. Our moving services are designed to make any move easier. We provide services dedicated to both residential and commercial moves, and can take care of all the hard work that’s required to quickly get your things to your new home or location. Maven Moving can help you cut down on the time and stress that moving requires. The moving services that we provide are available in Salt Lake City, and St. George, as well as any place in between. When you need moving help, turn to the experts at Maven Moving!

Our Services

There’s simply no easier way to make your next move seamless than with our range of moving services. Our team can help you when you are moving your home or even when you are relocating your business. As part of our service, we provide both local and out-of-state options. You can rely on us to help you move wherever you are going. Not only that, but we can provide assistance when you are looking to into storage, and we can even take care of furniture disassembly and assembly as part of any move.

Residential Moving

Moving your home no longer has to be stressful. That’s because our team is here to help you out. We are the Salt Lake City and St. George Utah moving company that’s here to make moving home a real breeze. We always have a moving truck for you and an experienced team that knows how to get your move done as quickly as possible. Reduce stress and get into your home sooner with moving help in St. George, UT!

Commercial Moving

Relocating your business is often even more of an undertaking than moving home, so you really need an experienced team that knows what they are doing to make things easy. We specialize in commercial moving and can help you relocate your business with minimal hassle and fuss. Maven Moving has the trucks and team that you require to move everything, as well as the experience to ensure that any move is taken care of in the shortest time frame to minimize the cost on your business.

Out-of-State Moving

If you are moving out of state, we know just how many things you have to do. A complicated and stressful move is the last thing that you need—that’s why our out-of-state moving service is such a lifesaver. It’s a great way to make sure that your move is easy and seamless, so you can focus on the future, as well as any of the other things that you need to worry about when moving out of state. Make things easy on yourself by choosing our out-of-state moving service. If you need help moving out of state, give us a call, and we will give you a free quote!

I referred these guys to my mother on her recent move. They were nothing short of amazing. Very respectable, prompt, and kind. Moved a piano that we thought we would have to call a piano company to move. I’d recommend them for any of your moving needs! —Craig King

These guys truly know what they are doing and very dedicated. JR has very good communication skills and made sure the whole process of our move went as smooth as possible. If I could give them 10 stars I would I highly recommend JR and Maven Moving to anyone. —Trevor Black

With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, JR at Maven Moving can handle any of your local and long-distance moves. He also offers packing services and will make sure every part of your move runs smoothly so you can easily transition into your new home or office space! We really loved working with him. Truly professional and dedicated crew! —Jessica Medina

Local Moving

Our service-oriented team also specializes in local moves. Even if you are looking to move a short distance, we know that there’s still a lot you have to worry about. We’re here to do our part and ensure that your move is hassle-free and completely taken care of by our professional team. With our local moving help, you can invest your time or energy into your new home or business. Contact us now for a free quote.


If you need to move your items into storage as part of the moving process, we can help you with that too. Your home can often become buried under clutter over the years, but our moving service can help you move your valuable memories into storage so that you can reclaim space in your home. We make moving any of your valuables into storage a real breeze, so there’s nothing to stop you from getting some space back in your home.

Furniture Disassembly
and Assembly

Moving furniture is one of the worst parts of moving. It can add hours to any move, and moving it, or trying to disassemble it, is often the source of many arguments. However, the stress of moving furniture is no longer something that you have to worry about. We provide both furniture disassembly and assembly as part of our moving service. This way, you can make sure that your move is far less of a hassle and can be completed in an even shorter time frame.

Contact Us Today

Take the stress out of your next move by calling us now. We are the Utah moving company that’s here to help you when you are looking to move, whether it’s moving home or relocating your business. We provide options for both local and out-of-state moves, so wherever you are looking to move to, we are the team that can help you get there sooner. If you’re looking for a reliable moving company in St. George, UT, or the surrounding areas, choose Maven Moving! Reach out to our team to get started today.